No more campaigning


We can now return to semblance of a regular existence. The
votes are in, the winner declared, and the seemily years of
campaigning have ended.

The majority of We the People have spoken, not with a wisper
but with a roar. Said roar was heard around the world and it
was sure heard here in Iowa. Our two anti-gun legislators are
not going to get sworn in again and perhaps things will

We’ve all heard the talk that friendships have been ended and
safe places needed because of this election. Let’s not forget
that even though the election is over we have to wait for the

By that we mean it is time for those who said they’d get out
of country if Trump won to put up or shut up. And soon we will
see if our president elect fulfills his campaign promises. The
drive by media will get over being shocked, the people in
their safe spaces will come out for food, and life will go on.

Now that the dust has settled it is time for all us to act
like adults. We who won shouldn’t gloat and those who lost
should seek solace in the knowledge that many of us served our
country for their right to be wrong.

Regardless of what we’re faced with, Americans stand together
and deal with it. If we stand together we cannot lose and if
stand divided we will surely fail. So if the results of this
election have left you traumatized, stop acting like a child
and respond as an adult would.

We’re not going to get out of this life alive so we may as
well get along. Wishing you a great Wednesday and if you have
a Veteran’s Day parade where you’re at please go this weekend.
Not becuase of who won, or lost, the election but because
we’re all Americans.
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