If you haven’t yet, don’t forget to vote tomorrow. If you are
still undecided the following video may help you decide.

That may not help but it will put a smile on your face. And
that is something I believe this election needs. Between the
negative campaign ads, the violence at some rallies, and the
parting of America along party lines, we can’t wait until this
election is over.

We also don’t think things will end tomorrow regardless of who
is elected. But they should slow down. We have said it before
and it bears repeating- we don’t care who you vote for, just
get out and vote.

And when all else fails there is always prayer.


We imagine many of us will have our eyes glued to the TV or
our ears on the radio to hear the latest. Forget all the polls
and remember tomorrow is the day to exercise our right to

And now, I have a few more chores before calling it a day and
kicking back with a cold Coke and a hot pizza. Enjoy the rest
of tonight for tomorrow it’s going to get hectic.
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