Goofing off

Yesterday I took the lady who follows me around out to lunch
and afterwards for a cruise up the River Road. Lunch went as
usual with her eating a healthy salad and myself ordering
bacon on my sandwich. The food was great as was the service
and we got to chat with Todd and Ronnie.

Once on the road, our first surprise came in Bettendorf where
they turned State Street into a crazy collection of twists and
turns in anticipation of the possible new I-74 bridge. I can
safely say I don’t like it.

We cruised on and pulled off at Lock and Dam 14 which was a
much needed breath of fresh air. So close to home yet so easy
to relax with.



Up on the hill, on the other side of the River Road, was a
house tucked in among the trees. I’ll bet the views are really


After walking a few miles up the bank and to return to where
we started, we got back on the road and headed toward Le
Claire. From there you could look across the Mississippi
River and see Port Byron, Illinois.



On the levee in Le Claire you can see one of several Freedom
rocks painted to honor veterans. They are a sight to see.




And of course the Mississippi River itself is one of the
busiest shipping lanes. Tug boats were working yesterday and
will until the river freezes.



There was more but we’ll save some for a later date. As with
most public places in Iowa the Le Claire riverfront had the
flags up and dancing in the wind.


Enjoy the rest of your Sunday before Monday sneaks up on us
again. If you haven’t voted yet remember Tuesday is election
Comments are always welcome.


2 Responses to Goofing off

  1. Brittius says:

    That’s a nice looking bridge, if that is the completed project. Open. Airy. Not a steel Magilla. Looks like sections can be repaired at a time. Maybe in summer when you go over with the wind blowing in your mustache, you will think differently (?).

  2. cruisin2 says:

    the bridge isn’t started yet. In the proposed drawings it is an 8 lane bridge and will be a fancy one at a cost of $100 million. The first picture is of the lock and dam. Sorry if that caused any confusion.

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