Living large

Last night I went to take some pictures of the stars, hoping
to get one of a fast spinning pumpkin star. These are stars
that spin so fast they appear squashed into the shape of said


The claim is that the biggest one, KSw 71, is 10 times bigger
than the sun and rotates the Earth every 5.5 days. With an
object that big I figured it be a planet. Didn’t see any but had
fun trying.

Then, after I’d had some coffee, I went to catch the sun rise
if it looked interesting. Turns out it did so I snapped off a


Later I ventured out again and noticed the clouds. After I
took a few photos I sat down and marveled at the sight. God
must be happy in Heaven because he sure put on a show for us.


I ventured out one more time with camera in hand to see what
caught my eye and was again amazed. A bird was circling over
head that could have been a hawk. And I got more pictures.


Which brought me to the conclusion that God does have a sense
of humor and forgave me for my Sunday snicker. All that and I
never left the back yard! Enjoy your day. If you haven’t voted
already it’s one day closer to election day.
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