A rare rant

The old adage “When cardinals appear angels are near”, meaning
a deceased loved one is making their presence known, occurred to
me today. I immediately thought of Mom and asked if I could take
a picture.


This bird sat until I took a picture and flew off before I
could take another. Mom was one of strongest women I have ever
met in my life yet I wondered why she chose now to let me know
I was in her thoughts.

Back when I was the one your mother warned you about she had
an uncanny knack of calling when I was up to something. I took
it as a sign something was heading my way I wasn’t going to
like. Sure enough when I received news later I was ready to
deliver justice.

But a calming inner voice told me to look into matters and
not make any rash decisions. If I find out what I heard is
true someone had better give their soul to Jesus because their
ass in mine.

I won’t get into specifics but suffice it to say I won’t do
anything until such a time I am convinced the rumor is true.
People who know me remember the old me and believe him to be
a thing of the past but this just isn’t so.

Many years were spent changing my temper and my actions yet
that doesn’t mean they won’t resurface for the right cause.
There are some that say nothing is written in stone, but those
people have never met me.

And while I remember this I also remember a promise I made to
Mom on her death bed. That promise is still kept, and will be,
as long as I am able. I don’t want to go down that path again,
but I do not fear it. Things happen for a reason and this just
may be a test. I pray it is.

Now I need a pizza as my gut is telling me it knows where one
is. Sorry for the rant and please enjoy the weekend.
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