Strange day

b 007

I awoke feeling more tired than I when I went to sleep to a
steely grey sky full of rain. The weather people said the rain
would go away and yield to mostly cloudy skies later in the
day. And that didn’t happen.

We have received several robo-calls from politicians wanting
our vote or wanting us to attend a rally. Since we have voted
early said calls to our robomatic answering machine. Seems
fair to us.

I tried to go out in the rain and get some pictures but found
nothing that interested me enough to get soaked for. Tomorrow
is another day. I can say no news programs were watched by
yours truely so we can only hope the world’s still out there
tomorrow to get a picture of.

If you tried to call or contact me by email you may have
noticed I didn’t answer. The great outdoors was calling even
though there is no photographic proof. In a few hours of being
one with nature I only saw one bird. The creatures weren’t

After copious amounts of coffee and too many cigarettes I
came to the conclusion I should have cancelled today due to
lack of interest and went back to bed. But I have a plan.

Early to bed, get a good nights sleep, and when I make sound
effects getting up tomorrow I will feel like a new person. Or
I’ll stay up later, get up every couple of hours, and give up
trying to sleep altogether. At least I have a plan.

So enjoy your Thursday, its’ one step closer to the weekend
and election day. With that I need to find a lonely pizza and
make a new friend.
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2 Responses to Strange day

  1. Rifleman III says:

    Hit the rack and count pizzas until you get back to sleep.

  2. cruisin2 says:

    Rifleman III,
    I’ll try that next time. Last night I ate a midnight pizza, went to bed, and counted guns.

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