We’re closing out another great day on the east coast of
Iowa and even though I did some thinking along the way I
still consider it great. Tomorrow we’re going to try our hand
at early voting and we’ll let you know how it goes.

Yet I can’t help but wonder about the state of our union.
We supposedly live in a kinder, gentler, better society than
we did when those of us old enough for Social Security were
growing up. I don’t see it.

Our schools taught more, had dress codes, and weren’t even
worried about guns in personal vehicles. Our government was
a lot smaller, we paid less taxes, and Congress actually
passed some meaningful legislation.

We had households with only the husband, or wife, in the
work force while the other took care of the home. We had
more home owners, less debt, and our dollars went a lot
farther. You could even survive on minimum wage.

Police weren’t the enemy, TV had three channels, the news
programs actually reported the news, and if racial tension
was rampant we knew nothing about it.

Today people get along only if they agree with each others
political ideologies. If not it turns ugly. Lying is now
expected, morals have no place in our society, everyone is
religious when it suits them, and some singers throw a free
strip tease in with their performances.

Men are allowed in women’s bathrooms, our colleges teach
remedial English, and people want safe spaces. Everything
offends somebody and if you don’t agree with the elite who
wish to run our country you are labeled a pariah.

My generation try to lead by example, don’t really care what
some think of us, yet are not too old to open up a can of
whoop ass when needed. And we choose when that’s needed.

Enjoy the rest of today, I know we will. Now I must go in
search of the pizza that is calling my name.
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    You nailed it with this one. You must have received the ESP of about 320,000,000 million people.

  3. cruisin2 says:

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    thanks for the reblog. Glad you liked it. I was just venting my frustration.

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