Nothing to see here


The cooler weather is causing the critters to fly south,
gather food for the winter, or slow down a bit. It’s all part
of the cycle of life. But it was still great to get outside
and enjoy the crisp air while watching the frost melt.

The sound of your boots walking across the frost covered
lawn can only be heard this time of year while the aroma of
wood smoke fills the air. Soon Halloween and Thanksgiving
will be here and Veteran’s Day will be observed.

Now if we could do something about the slate grey skies
that seem abundant this time of year things would be perfect.
But we are human and as such cannot expect perfection. And I
have no problem with that.

Before long the gloves, hats, sock liners, and winter boots
will be the uniform of the day. If you follow the weather
forecasters we are either in for a cold snowy winter or a
dry warm one.

I drive the wife nuts because every time I see the first few
snowflakes fall I say I want a feet of snow. And I don’t mind
if we do get a foot, even though removal of the flaky white
stuff from God is my department.

In the mean time I have heard someone kidnapped a pizza and
is hiding in our freezer so I must go save it. Hoping you
enjoy the weather wherever you’re at. We can’t change it so we
may as well learn to love it.
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2 Responses to Nothing to see here

  1. Oh yes, winter is coming. Great read 🙂

  2. cruisin2 says:

    Backyard Photographer Blog,
    thank you. Glad you liked it.

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