This is late but after my chat with the man in moon I got
distracted and lost all track of time. I haven’t even had
lunch yet today!

But I digress. While talking with the man in the moon I
mentioned how he seemed to be getting thinner and asked if
he was on a diet. We laughed. Then he got serious and told
me he always gets thinner around election day. I asked him

He asked me if I knew that heat rises. So I’ve been told.
Well, moon said, with the candidates orating their outrage
in front of all the lights, cameras, and microphones in a
room lit up like a Christmas tree and filled with people it
gets warm.

Surely not enough to make a sauna where are? No, but add all
the “news” channels around the globe broadcasting from big
buildings with sets lit up like Christmas trees broadcasting
24/7 and the wind turbines needed to power them it adds up.
And don’t call him Shirley.

That almost made sense yet I felt something was missing. So
I asked him why he sometimes resembled a beach ball, and he
sighed. Governments take vacations. I had to admit that made
sense in an odd kind of way but still couldn’t shake the idea
he was pulling my leg.

Turns out besides liking Christmas trees, and not liking to
be called Shirley, he has a sense of humor. Yet still I

The weekend starts tomorrow, the temperatures here are in
the basement, and a short warm up is forecast for Monday.
Wherever you are we hope you enjoy the weekend.
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