Debate night thoughts


For all those who await the Dog and Pony Show sometimes
called the Presidential Debate, the time is near. If one
believes the drive-by media this series of debates is the
most watched in the history of debates.

Those of us who still have things to do will not be among
the viewers. What is it I have to do that is more important
than watching said debate you ask? Glad you asked.

Since it’s getting too late in the year to watch house paint
dry I am head wrangler in a critter drive to remove the area
of a certain critter. It would help if I knew the type of
critter we are going drive out the neighborhood but not
vital. They look like this-


And do you remember back in the day when dealers and
mechanics would put a vehicle way up on a pole to advertise
their business? They do catch your eye. Such a set up exists
in Wyoming, Iowa and has been there for as long as I remember
but I hadn’t had my camera out. Until now. And the wife took
the picture as I was driving.


Every time we cruise the old two-lane blacktop that goes
through the town this sight makes me smile.

And finally fall is in the air, the leaves are changing
colors, and people love to see pictures. But please, don’t
take pictures with your camera while you’re driving. Have a
passenger take the picture.


Wishing you a great Wednesday night and if you’re looking
for our place we’ll leave the security light on.
Comments are always welcome.


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