So I was out talking to the man in moon and although he is
a gentle soul, he asks some hard questions. After we said
our hellos and inquired how the families were he informed me
that he didn’t get the internet up there.

His claim is it’s too far away from us to get WiFi. Since in
the course of our conversations I sometimes mention things I
have seen or read on the information highway he was hungry
for knowledge. So he told me others who talk to him mention
Facebook and he wanted to know more.

So I told him people put pictures of kittens, their kids,
their cars, and videos of every subject under the sun. At
that point I told him I meant no offense and he replied that
none was taken.

He then asked me if Facebook ruled Earth because so many of
us who talk to him mention it and to him it seemed all
powerful. He added that many people tell him a lot of
political debating goes on there.

No, I said. Where we live there are basically 2 parties with
1 candidate each so people put things on Facebook that is
supposed to make those who support the other candidate change
their ways. Then he wanted to know if that really worked.

No, I replied, people from both political parties try to get
people of the other party to join their party and elect their
candidate which ends up with both getting mad and threatening
of unfriend the other, or never talk to them again, and nothing
gets resolved.

He admitted being confused and asked why everyone did it if
nothing changed. I had no answer for that one so changed the
subject and told him it was getting late and I had a date
with a bacon cheeseburger pizza. So now that I have relayed
the event to you I plan to keep that date.

Enjoy the rest of your Monday. When we wake up in the
morning we’ll only have 4 days until the weekend.
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