As the sun dipped below the horizon I found myself asking
“how?” How do I get myself talked into these things? It all
started last night when I offered to buy a store bought
garden pizza for supper.

Some of you may be thinking garden pizza? The pizzeria where
I purchased said pizza must have a sense of humor similar to
mine because this garden pizza has 3 kinds of meat and just
a smattering of anything from the garden. I can put up with
a few green diced peppers, onion bits, and mushroom slices
among my three meats.

Which brings us to today. I opened my big mouth and said I’d
cook supper tonight. No big deal. Except I stated I’d make
a chicken and noodle dish. What’s wrong with that you ask?
It isn’t a pizza, cheeseburger, burrito or taco! I have
probably made chicken noodle once in my 65 years but that
came out of a can.

This was challenge. I don’t know how to tell when chicken is
cooked done and never have had great results with pasta
before. The good news is it got done, tasted good, and was
really filling. Thank God for crock pots and chicken broth!
I’m on such a roll I may try stuffed peppers tomorrow. If I
had peppers and knew what you stuffed them with.

Sunday is almost shot and in mere hours the work week begins
again. On the bright side, that means only 5 more working
days until the weekend. Enjoy it while we got it.
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