Sunday snicker


A Jewish couple has a son who is a holy terror. When he gets
to be of age, he’s kicked out of every school they put him in.
Finally desperate, the father goes to the Rabbi for advice and
the Rabbi says put him in the Catholic school.

Shocked, the father asks if the Rabbi sure. “Yes” is the reply,
so the father takes him to the nuns and leaves.

An hour goes by, then two hours, lunch time and finally at three
the son comes in says “Good afternoon Papa, good afternoon
Mama,” goes to the table and starts on his homework.

The father is amazed and finally ask why he stayed in school all
day and why he is behaving so well. His son looks up and says
“Papa when you left, the Mother Superior told me that they did
not allow rowdy boys, then she took me to my room. Papa they
mean business!

They’ve got a Jew nailed on a Cross in every room!”


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