Here’s what happened


You may have noticed I wasn’t around yesterday. Well I had no access to a computer as the lady who follows me around kidnapped me. I was informed that if I did not want to take up permanent residence in the dog house I would cruise around northern Iowa.

The lady who follows me around is sleeping and I am typing this on a laptop I found while locked in the trunk. Don’t worry, I do have bottled water and a bag of cotton candy snack balls for nourishment.
Something tells me I will be released from said trunk to start cruising again soon and may be back at Casa Cruiser later today.

It hasn’t been too bad cruising the back roads and seeing the more rural parts of Iowa. I also noticed birds in prey in the sky a lot more than one would in town hoping they weren’t looking for me. I even managed to get a few a pictures which I will process when home.

Since it is Saturday, and if I make home today, we’ll do a Sunday snicker post later. If we don’t make it back I’ll make a list of my demands for release and a pizza. Until then, enjoy the weekend.
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