What day is it?


Yes it’s National Farmers’ Day. We know you didn’t forget
but wanted to remind those who did. Even if you don’t live
in an agricultural state you still have to eat and what you
eat was grown somewhere, so give a nod to those who produce

With that being said we’d like to remind those among us who
keep referring to America as a Democracy, it is not. America
is is a Constitutional Republic. There is a difference. It’s
simple really. In a constitutional Republic candidates are
elected by the people to represent said people and must run
the government according to the Constitution which limits
their power.

This form of government is suppose to recognize that the
existing law is unchangeable, or at the very least that it
is not government who can change it. Regardless of what Obama
and others keep telling us our Constitution is based on the
Bible, the Magna Carta, and the Declaration of Independence.

This Constitution states man’s sovereignty, the divine nature
of our creation, and our divine right to life, liberty, the
means to acquire and possess property, and the pursuit of
happiness. And the reason for a Constitutional Republic is to
put limits on the tyranny of the majority.

This begs the question: if the government can’t change the
existing laws how are they changing the existing laws without
penalty? Also, since they are trying to change so many of our
established laws, are we still a Constitutional Republic?

New rights appear almost daily when there is no power to
write such rights. Clearly the 2nd Amendment is, and has
been under attack and without repercussions. Do we have any
recourse when our government breaks the very Constitution it
has sworn to uphold?

Governments answer to almost any problem is to raise taxes
or enact new taxes. Here’s a news flash government- we don’t
need new taxes, we need new faces in our government who will
do what we elected them to do.

Now I go in search of a pizza and a tall glass of lemonade.
Enjoy your Wednesday, and observe National Farmers’ Day.
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