Just thinking

The police cars are gone, the media has reported on the
shots fired call, and things are back to our version of
normal. A house was shot at that had people in it, nobody was
hurt, and casings were recovered.



So when I woke up this morning I ventured outside to take a
few pictures. For some reason that process calms me down and
grounds my soul. And I just got to thinking how totally
confusing our society is today to someone who is a child of
the 50s.

Even in the presidential debates the candidates were saying
things on live TV that would have gotten our mouths washed
out with soap. When we were growing up Lucy and Ricky slept
in twin beds and the kisses were timed! Now it seems like
anything goes.

And if we mention these facts we are told that was the old
days and how it is better today than it was then. I have to
ask how? The kids I see don’t respect anything or anybody,
racial tension is up, and we are berated if we disagree with
the status quo.

Laws are being blatantly ignored, money has replaced God,
and our government is shipping in people who hate us and our
country. Lying is condoned while being corrupt has turned
into a badge of honor for some. Law enforcement is under
attack, our rights are being violated or lost, and our
military no longer has the might it once did because those
who can make a difference are closet socialists who believe
all mankind can get along together without fighting.

If that’s the better version of what we had, I’ll be found
outside taking pictures. At least I understand wildlife and
nature. Enjoy your Monday.
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4 Responses to Just thinking

  1. Rifleman III says:

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  2. Rifleman III says:

    From the time since Eisenhower, everyone has tried to make the world nicer, by giving in, and being lenient. It has brought us into dire straits. When I was a kid, my father’s idea of “lenient”, was to throw a steel toe boondocker work boot at me. Either those boots were magic or, the old man had some secret targeting homing device, because he never missed.

  3. Mamabear says:

    Life has certainly changed dramatically since I was a youngster and not for the better. So with that said I’m with cruisin in taking wildlife pictures at least they show the beautiful side of the world!

  4. cruisin2 says:

    Rifleman III,
    thanks for the reblog. We got the old ‘go cut a switch off the weeping willow’. And if it wasn’t big enough we’d regret it.


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