Never a dull moment


We do live in interesting times. The information highway is
flooded with news of just how crazy our society has gotten
and usually biased in some way.

We heard of the two police officers killed in Palm Beach and
the officer in Chicago that was assaulted by a guy on PCP
and wonder where we went wrong. Today we had our own bit of
excitement here on the east coast of Iowa.

I was loading recent pictures onto the computer when I heard
three loud, and fairly close, gunshots followed by the wail
of sirens just a few minutes later. The commotion woke the
wife up and she came down to ask if had heard the shots.

The wife thought the shots came from the south but I wasn’t
so sure. Turns out the shots were fired at a house just 3
lots west of us. The picture above shows a squad car that the
blocked the alley at our driveway.

Later the doorbell rang and I went out to meet an officer
who asked me a few basic questions. She was professional and
wrote down what was said. As she was leaving I told her to
stay safe and she looked at me like I grew another head.

She left her card and told me to call her if we had any
problems or remembered anything that could help and went on
her way. We still don’t know if anybody was hit but realize
she couldn’t tell us if there was.

If we don’t back the blue, get our country back, and elect
judges who will enforce the law, the future isn’t looking
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4 Responses to Never a dull moment

  1. Mamabear says:

    The shootings in CA angered me b/c both officers had children and female officer had just had a baby several weeks before and the male officer had iirc 8 children. idk if it was the officer in Chicago or not, but wherever it was they were afraid to fire their weapon b/c of all the probs others are having when they fire their weapons~WTH is this world coming to when public opinion is making our officers afraid to do their jobs? I say shoot first and ask questions afterward.

    It’s pretty bad when you answer your own door and find LE there to ask questions. You’ll prob read about it in the paper tomorrow. Hope no one lost their life. Seems like a strange reaction for the officer to have when you told her to be safe.

    I wish I could win the lottery and buy my own private island and invite all my friends to join me b/c I’m afraid come Nov 8th the outcome isn’t going to be good, but I hope I’m wrong. The country is declining way to fast and when the new president is sworn in it just might get a whole lot worse IMO.

    Sorry to be so gloomy, but it is what it is..

  2. cruisin2 says:

    the officer in Chicago was beaten severely because she wouldn’t draw her weapon. I don’t mind the police stopping by, they’re welcome anytime. The officer seemed like she didn’t hear the public
    say that before and if so that is shame. Our government is so corrupt now I don’t know if it can fixed or not, but I hold out hope.

  3. Nitrous55 says:

    For the record, I was at the showing of American Graffiti when the shots were fired.

  4. cruisin2 says:

    Nitrous 55,
    wish I had an alibi. I was watching the race, alone.

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