What a day

Yesterday started like any other here on the east coast of
Iowa with a blue sky and plenty of clouds.


Even the birds appeared to enjoy the cloudy, but bright fall


Earlier in the evening, the moon stood out in the sky like
a sentry on guard duty standing his lonely vigil.


A little later stars surrounding the old pine tree in a
dark velvet sky before the moon shone through the trees in
a hazy last stand before the storm.



Then at around 10:30 pm the severe weather sirens went off
and distant lightening preceded the roar of thunder and the
wind shears. Things were flying through the air with the
greatest of ease and if you went outside the rain hit you
from the side.



And while it did get blustery the tornado warning expired.
With the exception of a few trees down and losing power
twice it was quite the day here in paradise. Please remember
those affected by the hurricane and give a nod to your God
to keep them safe.

Now I have to go play outside. Enjoy our Friday.
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