A wise person once said ‘Memory is the power to gather roses
in winter’. I was trying my darnedest to remember my first
experience with someone being offended, and it hit me. The
green ball cap.

The rocky place I was at turned into a grassy field which
led to gurgling brook and that took to back to reality. Oh
yeah, the green hat. In the 1980s I had a green ball cap that
pissed off more women than being at a function in the same

The hat had ‘Life is too short to dance with ugly women’
stenciled on the front and caused me to be accosted by more
women who took the saying seriously. It got so bad I quit wearing
the hat.

But I remember women pointing their fingers in my face and
asking why I was calling them ugly. The first few times it
happened were confusing. I’m in a store looking at work boots
and my hat was like a beacon to all the unhinged ladies
within 50 feet of said hat.

It was a hat with a goofy saying on it that I likened to
‘Kiss Me I’m Irish’. But it didn’t take long to learn that
the ladies either ignored it or acted like I was on the sex
offenders registry list. I couldn’t figure it out then, and
still can’t today, but it has been so long I forgot what ever
became of the offending cap.

If I had the hat today, and decided to wear it, I imagine
entire sororities would be classified as “Safe Spots”. At any
rate my hats now all have tool logos, car clubs, or sporting
goods advertising gracing the front. And that was my first time
realizing we can’t wear what we want in public.

Today men can go into the ladies bathroom and ladies can
enter the mens room. Some lives matter, police and veterans
are looked down upon, we are being told we have to change
some of our beliefs, and the government wants our guns.

If that’s progress, count me out. Call me whatever you wish
for such beliefs but that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.
I’ll close there as I here a pizza yodeling one of my all time
favorites to get my attention. Enjoy your Thursday, the
weekend is almost here.
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2 Responses to Memory

  1. Rifleman III says:

    Do everyone a favor, wear a green John Deere cap.

  2. cruisin2 says:

    Rifleman III,
    I’ve lived in Iowa my entire life and never owned a John Deere cap.
    It could be time to change that.

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