Didn’t fly


The wife had today off and my computer decided to do the
same. I finally have the computer up again while the wife is
sleeping. My chores are done and I actually saw a little
spot of blue in the sky this afternoon. We may even see the
sky tomorrow instead of just clouds.

Speaking of the wife, when she came home this morning and I
asked her how work went she replied that it was boring. I
asked what was different with her night and she said that
she was training another nurse to start the job.

Not knowing much about healthcare besides what I see on an
occasional medical show on TV I still couldn’t grasp how
training could be boring. The wife then explained that she
showed, or told, the other nurse what needed to be done and
then watched her do it.

So I came up with a plan to make such an evening exciting.
She didn’t like said idea but that never stopped me before
and in hindsight, nursing does have rules that have to be
followed. What was my idea you ask?

I told her to wait for a procedure that involved some
concentration but no real harm to the patient if the nurse
gets startled. The at the crucial moment shout out “OH MY

That got a smile out of the wife and a no way in response to
using the plan. She also admitted her shift would not have
been as boring had she done it. I’ll still working on plan B
for the next time she gets bored.

Enjoy your Monday. It will feel like less than a week until
the weekend.
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