We’re wet

September 23, 2016

I awoke around 4 am knowing something was wrong. After
clearing my head of the cobwebs I realized we had lost power.
And it was storming. It was raining when we ran our errands,
it was raining when we got back home, and it rained a good
part of the morning. But we are blessed.


I say that because parts of Iowa are flooded and roads are
closed due to said flooding. We don’t personally have that
problem as we are about 300 foot higher than the river and
we know water doesn’t normally run uphill. We do feel sorry
for those who are having problems.

For those who are thinking of going to flood prone areas to
help and those who make a living driving the concrete byways
of our state, we will some road closures we know about. They

Hwy 57 between US 218 and County Road T55 just west of Cedar

Hwy 188 between Hwy 3 and County Road T64 near Clarksville.

Hwy 3 between County Road T55 near Clarksville and US 218 in
Shell Rock.

Hwy 3 between County Road V49 and County Road V56 near Readlyn.

Hwy 13 between County Road D22 and County Road D13 near

Hwy 18 between IA 14 and County Road T66 at Charles City.

IA 187 between County Road C64 and County Road D22 (1 mile
north of the Masonville area). Southbound shoulder closed
because of flooding.

US 63 southbound lanes from County Road D35 to 155th St. are
currently closed due to water over the roadway

The National Weather Service has a page up with information
about flooding and you can check it out here.

So instead of “protesting” if you need something to do, get
your butt up here and lend a hand.
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Why is it?

September 21, 2016


We must forewarn liberals, progressives, and anyone believing
they need a safe space that this post is not for you. If you
are one the above continue reading at your own risk as we
can guarantee you will be offended by the following thoughts.

Most know of liberal arts and for those who don’t we’ll
explain it in our own way. I have no intimate knowledge of
said arts, yet if I understand it correctly they involve
college studies intended to provide general knowledge and to
help elevate intellectual capacities as opposed to vocational
or professional skills. Or people who don’t like working with
their hands.

Which brings us to the point of this post. What happened to
the conservative arts? They just never seemed to take off.
Many have written opinions of what they should be but nobody
has taken the next step. There are those among us who like
working with our hands and would consider a office job hell
on earth.

We have vocational schools yet they aren’t listed as the
schools of the conservative arts. For those of us who seek
an opposite of liberal/progressive style of higher education
the pickings are slim. What is there for us who find that
environment alien to what we believe?

Are there dedicated schools who agree with our take on
smaller government, our traditional morals, and belief in
a free market economy? A few say yes yet still we wonder.
Some say Hillsdale College tops the list of such institutions.

After all, someone has to have the training to do what some
won’t, or can’t do. If some intelligent soul can’t figure out
why water is all over the floor they call a plumber. Many
can’t live without a car but don’t even know how to open the
hood. At times like that these people would need someone who
could benefit from conservative arts.

One would think that those who have studied the liberal arts
would welcome such institutions. After all, there are those
among us who enjoy making a living while using our hands AND
our minds.

Disagree if you must, but choices made us who we are and
our little part of the world wouldn’t be the same without
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What happened?

September 20, 2016


I don’t watch a lot of television. Perry Mason might make it
on my watch list, but there are no “news” programs, talk
shows, or reality shows on said list. The reason for this is
simple, none of them have any semblance of reality or

Occasionally I will open a news page on the information
highway knowing it’s also a gamble what is read is true. In
our modern, politically correct society, is seems even the
news is biased to ensure nobody s feelings are hurt. And that
got me thinking.

When did we go from the have the fight, shake hands after
and go about your business to people needing “safe” spaces
because their feelings are hurt? We have gone from a time
when the best three got trophies to everybody who enters gets

Yes all citizens have rights. But those claiming their
rights have somehow been violated forget a few important things.
With rights come responsibility. Said rights are guaranteed
to us as written, not your interpretation of what you think
they should be. And nobody owes you anything.

If all you whining hypocrites want to know where the problem
really is, look in the mirror. You are the one who has been
buying the bull that they shipped you. If you really want to
find the truth, educate yourself don’t buy their version just
because they have the same political party or they sound

Stop the bull and look at what’s going on while you’re busy
thinking about your hurt feelings. We could all get a hell
of lot more done, in less time, if we put our alleged
differences aside and worked together. Just saying.
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September 19, 2016

The moon was playing hide and seek last but failed to inform
me in the newsletter. I kept going out, camera in hand, to
get a picture of my old friend and he wasn’t there. After a
few attempts I remembered that sometimes he liked to visit
the north side of the house.


When I went around the house to the north side he was
there with a smile on his face. He seemed pleased. And that
reminded me that all things change and nothing is forever.
The moon was out this morning too highlighted by a bright
blue sky.


This made me think of Saturday when we attended a cruise-in
that had been around for a long time. The wife had the night
off, the weather was perfect, and we met some old friends we
hadn’t seen in some time.




We were told that we were attending the next to the last
cruise sponsored by the car club. For many years we have
enjoyed the hospitality, the people, and of course the cars.
But there will be no car club next year if we hear correctly.

The greying of the hobby as older people remain and fewer
young people join, and the continuing restrictions put on
such events are a part of the problem. Hence, nothing is

All that being said, mark your calendars. October 1st will
be the last NorthPark cruise-in sponsored by the River Valley
Classics Car Club and it is also Toys for Tots night. So even
if it’s raining, drop out and drop off a new toy as the club
will be there rain or shine.

We wish them fair weather for the event, plenty of cars, and
donations enough to help the kids. Great job over the years
and thanks for the memories.
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Sunday snicker too

September 17, 2016

c 010

At a mass at which some young ladies were to take their
final vows to become nuns, the bishop presiding noticed
two rabbis enter the church just before the mass began.
They were seated at the back of the sanctuary and
insisted on sitting on the right side of the center

The bishop wondered why they had come but didn’t have
time to inquire before the mass began. When it came
time for some announcements, his curiosity got the
best of him. He announced that he was delighted to see
two rabbis in their midst at the mass but, was curious
as to why they were present at this occasion where the
young ladies were to become the “brides of Christ.”

The eldest of the rabbis slowly rose to his feet and
explained, “Family of the Groom.”

Sunday snicker

September 16, 2016


A man and his wife were having an argument about who should
brew the coffee each morning.

The wife said, “You should do it, because you get up first,
and then we don’t have to wait as long to get our coffee”.

The husband said, ” You are in charge of the cooking around
here and you should do it, because that is your job, and I
can just wait for my coffee.”

Wife replies, “No you should do it, and besides it is in the
Bible that the man should do the coffee.”

Husband replies, ” I can’t believe that, show me.”

So she fetched the Bible, and opened the New Testament and
shows him at the top of several pages, that it indeed says:



September 16, 2016


Today is National POW/MIA Recognition Day here in the U.S.
of A. We still have over 80,000 MIAs going back to WW II.
So if you could take moment to remember the Prisoners of War
and the Missing In Action, many of us would appreciate it.

That being said, it’s Friday and there are a few car related
things going on. Today through Sunday is the 6th Annual Race
to River Retro Road Trip starting here in Davenport, Iowa,
and ending in Council Bluffs, Iowa.

Tomorrow is the “Rollin in the Oldies” Cruise-in at
NorthPark Mall in Davenport, Iowa and hosted by the River
Valley Classics. Things get started around 5 pm and there is
a $2 suggested donation.

Also tomorrow is the LaSalle Annual Car Cruise Night held on
2nd Street in LaSalle, Illinois.

And on Sunday if you still feel the need for speed, NASCAR
will be at the Chicagoland Speedway in Joliet, Illinois.

We mention things happening that are important to us and
this short list is in no way meant to be an event calendar.
Give a nod to the POW/MIAs if you feel so inclined. They
should be in Heaven because they went through Hell on Earth.

Enjoy the weekend and remember to keep the shiny side up.
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