Totally random thoughts


High above the flood zone here on the east coast of Iowa we
have had a strange day. This started after the wife went to
do some training or something for work and continued
throughout the day.

After having a gallon or so of coffee I decided to have a
few of my favorite crackers “Chicken in a Biskit”. In all the
years I have been ingesting this product I have never read
the list of ingredients.

After reading said list it is now known they are made in a
chemistry lab and not by a group of elitist culinary gnomes in
a secret location. I was crushed. Then after the wife got
home I was asked the question most married men fear the most,
‘do you want to go clothes shopping with me?’

I don’t do well in a place where the clerks dress better
than I do and feel the need to continually ask if they can
help me. Makes me want to say ‘yes, where are your saddles?’
But we got through it without injuries then went to our
favorite Mexican cantina for dinner.

The wife ordered a combo plate and I had my shredded beef
burritos. Nothing different there except I didn’t order them
with extra cheese. The coffee was hot, the hot sauce was hot,
and the burritos were great.

And we got my prescription filled to boot. That was when we
found out that when a doctor writes a prescription it’s only
good for a year. Who figured? I readily admit I procrastinate
on such things but we did get it to the pharmacy with 9 days
left on it.

Finally, our thoughts go out to all those affected by the
flood. It is never over when the water goes away because the
smell seems to linger for months. And now I go in search of
a project to keep me busy until such time as I get hungry
enough to burn a pizza. Enjoy your Tuesday.
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2 Responses to Totally random thoughts

  1. Rifleman III says:

    Sewage backs up. Bacteria. Clean up will need one of those pump garden bug sprayers, I call them, “La Cucka Rocha” sprayers, with bleach and water mixture.
    Once FEMA gets involved, it could take years to bounce back.

  2. cruisin2 says:

    Rifleman III,
    good advice. Usually by the time FEMA gets involved people around
    here are already back up and running.

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