We’re wet

I awoke around 4 am knowing something was wrong. After
clearing my head of the cobwebs I realized we had lost power.
And it was storming. It was raining when we ran our errands,
it was raining when we got back home, and it rained a good
part of the morning. But we are blessed.


I say that because parts of Iowa are flooded and roads are
closed due to said flooding. We don’t personally have that
problem as we are about 300 foot higher than the river and
we know water doesn’t normally run uphill. We do feel sorry
for those who are having problems.

For those who are thinking of going to flood prone areas to
help and those who make a living driving the concrete byways
of our state, we will some road closures we know about. They

Hwy 57 between US 218 and County Road T55 just west of Cedar

Hwy 188 between Hwy 3 and County Road T64 near Clarksville.

Hwy 3 between County Road T55 near Clarksville and US 218 in
Shell Rock.

Hwy 3 between County Road V49 and County Road V56 near Readlyn.

Hwy 13 between County Road D22 and County Road D13 near

Hwy 18 between IA 14 and County Road T66 at Charles City.

IA 187 between County Road C64 and County Road D22 (1 mile
north of the Masonville area). Southbound shoulder closed
because of flooding.

US 63 southbound lanes from County Road D35 to 155th St. are
currently closed due to water over the roadway

The National Weather Service has a page up with information
about flooding and you can check it out here.

So instead of “protesting” if you need something to do, get
your butt up here and lend a hand.
Comments are always welcome.


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