Our town


Our fine city has been called everything from Iowa’s
Armpit to Iowa’s Front Porch and just about anything else
in the book. A once a rowdy riverboat town, itt has been
slowly gentrified until it no longer resembles the town of
bygone days.

The Around Iowa site did a piece on the old home town so
we’ll share it along with some comments. The article lists
6 reasons to visit here.

Since the story above wants people to visit our fine city
it does leave out some things. Like our two truck eating
bridges, red light and speed cameras, or our beautiful
sky-bridge to nowhere.

Davenport is on the east coast of Iowa where the mighty
Mississippi river runs east to west and home of the first
railroad bridge to cross the same. Davenport has roughly
100,000 residents and is part of the Quad Cities which is
actually made up of five cities.

Some older denizens may tell you the bread slicer was
invented here and/or the Dred Scott decision was signed
here. Amenities abound and we have almost as many churches
as we do taverns.

If you’re ever in the area you should check us out. And
now I go in search of something that resembles a pizza.
Enjoy the day.
Comments are always welcome.

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