This month

Since we are officially a ways into September it is time
to mention a few things. It is the 9th month on our
calendar which means we have about two months until the
election. A little bird told it will be interesting to watch
what happens after this election, regardless of who wins.


Here in the United States this month is America Heritage
Month, Gynecologic Cancer Awareness Month, Leukemia and
Lymphoma Awareness Month, Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month,
and Thyroid Cancer Awareness Month. Along with Better
Breakfast Month, Food Safety Education Month, National
Childhood Obesity Awareness Month, Hydrocephalus Awareness
Month, Pain Awareness Month, National Preparedness Month,
National Prostate Health Month, National Sickle Cell Awareness
Month, and National Yoga Month.

Being the United States some also observe National Bourbon
Heritage Month, California Wine Month, National Chicken
Month, National Honey Month, National Mushroom Month,
National Papaya Month, National Potato Month, National
Rice Month, National Whole Grains Month, and National Wild
Rice Month.

The week of September 4-10 is National Suicide Prevention
Week. There are more but I’m not writing a book. Almost
each day there is an observance of some kind, but again,
I’m not writing a book.

Here on the east coast of Iowa a storm just hit without
much thunder and lightening that might produce an inch of
rainfall. Just enough to make working outside sloppy. If
we forgot an observance it was not intentional. So enjoy
the rest of your Wednesday and keep the shiny side up.
Comments are always welcome.


2 Responses to This month

  1. Grumpa Joe says:

    You could have titled this post “Be Aware.”

  2. cruisin2 says:

    Grumpa Joe,
    I wrote the post then had to come up with a title. I really like your idea.

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