Where did it go?

Completely lost track of time again and finally got a
little break. It started with running the wife to get her
fingerprints taken for a job, stopped and had a chat with
Dad, and got the lawn mowed. All before 9 am!

After lunch I took a few pictures and one that even makes
me smile. Out walking the alley with my camera I ran into
this little critter trying to act like he wasn’t there.


For some odd reason the little guy just cracked me up.
I went back out in the heat around 5 pm and noticed the
moon high in the afternoon sky. He looked a bit sad to
me but wasn’t talking. Maybe next time.


It must have something to do with getting older, but I
can’t remember being so busy yet getting so little done.
I guess it’s like Dad always says- it takes me all day
long to do what I used to do all day long. This is another
short post, but hang in there. Things should be back to
normal as it gets here in a day or two.

Enjoy the rest of your Tuesday as I’ll be sawing logs
shortly. When we rise and shine tomorrow we’re one day
closer to the election.
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