Didn’t come with directions

This ones late but once I set my mind to something time
has a way of slipping away. Yet again the problem has been
solved. Newsletters from experts that I receive have said
the moon should be visible in the western sky near a group
of three planets that form a triangle.


I located three planets that were in the southwestern sky
yet haven’t seen the moon. I was beginning to think the
experts were crazy because the exercise was making me

Turns out there are more than one place in the sky where
three planets made a triangle. Who knew? I have now located
the moon and they weren’t kidding when said to look west.
Our problem here is that there are old growth trees to our
west which hinders seeing anything due west.

Now we’re told the moon will keep rising in the sky for a
few days so I can restart my chats with the man in the
moon. Sometimes research pays off, if you do enough of it.
Another of life’s lessons I learned the hard way.

Tomorrow is the eve of Hump Day, the first day back to
work for some, and just another day to rest of us. This
one is short but I must rescue a pizza from freezing and
warm it up. So I’ll end with a quote from James Thomas

“A farmer traveling with his load
Picked up a horseshoe on the road,
And nailed if fast to his barn door,
That luck might down upon him pour;
That every blessing known in life
Might crown his homestead and his wife,
And never any kind of harm
Descend upon his growing farm.”
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