Three balloons

We’ve been having storms off and on all day but I managed
to get outside during the calm periods to snap some shots
of whatever caught my eye. Butterflies, a few birds, a
black cat, and even some balloons floating across the sky.

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At first these silver balloons made me smile until I had
a thought. What could three Mylar balloons bring to mind
you ask? Our current societal woes I say. And since I know
the next question would be ‘what does three balloons tied
with string have to with our current problems?’, I shall
try to explain.

Much like these silver orbs are tied together I believe
our problem is three-prong. We have the government and the
media above us shipping their bull while ignoring our
Constitution and what’s best for our country, and we the
people down below along for the ride but unable to loosen
the string that holds us all together.

We do need a government, the media even reports real news
occasionally, we can’t ignore either, and they need us to
survive. But we’re floating along in the wind without a
pilot. Both parties of the government have proven they
cannot be trusted; the Democrats because they’re trying
to take us in a direction we don’t wish to go, and the
Republicans because even though they’ve had the majority
in both the House and Senate haven’t put us back on course.

The media no longer reports the news but gives us their
version of what they want us to hear. Facts don’t matter,
common sense was killed, and they have sold their soul to
the highest bidder. Said politicians know that no matter
how the internet points out their corruption they will get
re-elected and the media knows that regardless of how loud
we yell at our TVs during their broadcasts their ratings
won’t suffer.

With all the distractions of Black Lives Matter, the
ongoing debate over ISIS, and the never ending campaign
trail they know we will not unite. If any large group of
Privileged Caucasians gather to protest it automatically
will be a racist event to the government and not covered
in the media.

Some are saying they will leave our country if a certain
candidate is elected and I hope they do. But we don’t give
up and run when the going gets tough, and we get back up
when life knocks us down.
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