More moon thoughts

Every night, weather permitting, I go out to look for the
moon. Something about seeing the moon before I go to sleep
calms me down. Three days ago I kept going out to look and
couldn’t find it on the south side of house.

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Finally about 11 pm, I went to the north side of the
house and there was the moon shining down from the east.
And I wondered how it could move that far in one night.
All previous nights it was on the south side yet suddenly
it was on the north end.

I remember reading about Inuits in Alaska saying the
earth was wobbling on its axis. They relied on the sun and
moon to predict weather and now the moon moves around so
they claim the weather is different. Makes more sense to
me than the pseudo-science behind global warming.

Then I had a thought. Hold the phone! My stroll from the
yard on the south side of our house to the alley on the
north was all of about 40 feet. Not much in the grand
scheme of things. Okay it moved, but by how much.

That got me wondering if we, the earth moved, or the moon
danced over 40 feet from my viewing point. And again, with
the moon being so far away, is that even a measurable
deviation? Once I got some photos of the moon I didn’t
care but did get a hankering for a pizza.

The basic shape, the craters looking like pepperoni, and I
could almost smell a pizza baking. After ingesting said
meat lover’s pizza I decided it didn’t matter if the moon
moved, the earth did, or both. It was a happy ending.

Enjoy your Tuesday. We’re getting rain tonight and again
tomorrow but we’ll figure something out to amuse ourselves.
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