The final frontier?

I went out with the camera last night and there were so
many stars out I decided to take a few pictures. I took
three within a very short time, liked them all, and the
first two held no surprises.


The last shot is the one above. Everything looked normal
until I glanced in the upper right part of the picture.
All the stars were round, the clouds looked fluffy, and
the sky a deep blue. What didn’t look normal was the two
white lines with a dot between them in the upper part of
the photo.

According to NASA, the last time you could see the
International Space Station from here was August 17th. I
did discover that when the ISS is visible the time frame is
4 minutes. Ok, so it wasn’t the space station.

Could it be a satellite, or was Hans Solo zipping across
Iowa? If you have any thoughts on the subject let me know.
Of course it could be aliens taking pictures of us taking
pictures of them, but I have my doubts.

And remember. After tonight there are only 5 working days
until the weekend. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday.
Comments are always welcome.


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