Of the moon, critters, and pirate hands

c 020

I did make it outside to get a picture of the moon that
was playing hide and seek behind the numerous clouds. The
problem I have with shots like the one above is we don’t
live a rural area surrounded by darkness and I’m not a
big fan of tripods.

b 031

Earlier in the day I saw these two critters scampering
around. Not sure if they’re related or not, but they did
stay close. I just thought that was neat.

b 060

The photo above is a spider web at the top of a
neighbors tree. To the naked eye it looked like the
mummified hand of a pirate so I had zoom in. Imagine my
surprise when I didn’t find an ancient pirate.

I liked the way it looked before I zoomed in and may go
out later and get a picture without the bigger lens. If
that picture makes the web appear pirate like, I may find
someone with a metal detector to look for treasure.

Finally, another moon picture. This one was taken Tuesday
night. I like full moons, but even slightly before the
moon goes full it seems to have more character. The edges
are a little rougher which adds more detail.


Since I have things to do, places to go, and people to
see before a pizza grabs my attention, we’ll go offline.
Enjoy the day and we hope you can see some beauty as you
wander through it.
Comments are always welcome.


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