I’m not missing

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I’ve just been busier than usual and haven’t had the time
to sit down. And I have discovered that one of the givens
about getting older is that friends get sick.

Spent half the day yesterday in the ER with a friend who
wasn’t doing well then brought him back to his house to
hopefully get better. I am not a big fan of hospitals or
ERs and never have been.

At one point a hospital chaplain came up and asked if I
was waiting to be seen by the ER staff. I explained that
I wasn’t but sitting for long periods of time is too painful
so I prefer to stand.

During our chat I discovered he was from Ethiopia and
started life as a farmer’s son. We talked of families and
beliefs then ended our chat with a handshake. We both
enjoyed the talk and he left saying he would come by later
to talk some more.

If he came back I wasn’t there as shortly after he went
down the hallway my friend was released. This morning I
was all primed to get done what I didn’t get done
yesterday, and on my second cup of coffee, when another
friend stopped by.

Turns out he’s scheduled for open heart surgery and was
worried about it. His brother was getting ripped off by an
fly-by-night contractor and was also having problems. Days
like this make our problems seem miniscule.

And now, I’m thinking of pizza, but it will have to wait
until I play catch up. Enjoy the day and think happy
thoughts. After all, if you can’t laugh you’d probably cry.
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5 Responses to I’m not missing

  1. Rifleman III says:

    As a suggestion, maybe you should write a few pizza recipes and try making it yourself to keep your mind happy. My maternal grandmother made it from scratch. As a kid, I liked the pizzeria stuff better, now today, all the top shelf ($$$) pizzerias in NYC make the same pizzas my grandmother made. (She said that I ate like a heathen because in Italy, pizza is eaten with a knife and fork.)

    My personal recipe, I know that I can trust you with trade secrets, is a large pie, artichoke hearts all over, and black olive all over, extra cheese, sesame crust. Cook well done to bring out Mediterranean flavors. Actually, I like it better straight out of the refrigerator, cold.

  2. Grumpa Joe says:

    In the auto world miles tend to increase mean time between failures. So it is with human bodies. Keep up the great support for your friends.
    I’ve been making home made pizza for a few months now and enjoy it better than frozen or pizzeria made. I use ready made pie shells, tomato paste, Italian sausage squeezed out of its skin and made into small balls, mushrooms, green olives, onions, and whatever else I have in the fridge, then I top it with mozzarella. Bake it for twelve minutes at 450.

  3. cruisin2 says:

    Rifleman III,
    lately I haven’t been making pizza because frozen is too cheap. I used to make pizza with french bread that I liked. Now the wife can’t have carbs so I’d have eat all the pizzas. No wait, I guess that wouldn’t be so bad after all.

    Grumpa Joe,
    thanks. That sounds good too. I might just have to try out a few different ideas.

  4. Mamabear says:

    Rifleman III & Grumpa Joe for the most part I love what goes into your homemade pizza’s~I used to make my own crust and would buy cheese, peppers, etc in bulk and freeze them after shredding and cutting everything up then all I had to do was grab a couple of handfuls of whatever the crew wanted and yummy pizza in no time at all. But like cruisin2 said you can get good deals on sale at the store plus I’m just a single person now and couldn’t eat a whole pizza in 4 days LOL But ya’ll enjoy those pizza’s!

    cruisin2 God bless you for being a good friend and taking an ailing friend to the ER and waiting for him. I hope he gets to feeling better real soon. Then you delay your plans the following day when another friend was in need of some moral support for his upcoming open heart surgery and his bro being ripped off. Sounds like you’re a good friend to many and the good Lord knows you can handle it. We sure don’t know the trials others are going through that are a heck of a lot worse than a host of others. Someday way down the road you’ll be rewarded so keep on keeping on. Later on in this earthly life you’ll be rewarded with one of those pizza’s trying to escape from the freezer. You do realize you make me hungry everytime I read your blog.

    Hope your day is great and the weather even better. Watch out for those interesting critters lurking around the corner hoping to grace your blog one day soon.

  5. cruisin2 says:

    thank you for the kind words. I know they would do the same for me. Had a great bacon cheeseburger pizza last night, a Snicker’s Ice Cream Bar a little while ago, and it is a great day. I’ll keep taking pictures as the weather and time permit. Wishing you and everyone a great day and a chance to enjoy it.

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