Davenport crime report


Here on the east coast of Iowa, the Davenport Police
Department has released its annual report for 2015. It has
their mission statement, philosophy, and results from the
Uniform Crime Report among other things.

According to the UCR, Davenport had 7 homicides, 73
rapes, 181 robberies, and 378 aggravated assaults for a
total of 639 violent crimes in 2015.

We had 971 burglaries, 3,466 thefts, 384 vehicle thefts,
and 14 arsons for a property crime total of 4,835 in 2015.

The Police Department reports using reportable force 332
times out of 89,262 dispatched calls. Of these 93% occured
on-duty and 7% during off duty employment. The most common
use of force was empty hand control.

Those of us who live here know that there has been a rise
in drive-by shootings and/or shots fired calls. It would
seem some of the natives are restless. While these numbers
may be seem high we ask that you remember we are a city
with a population over 100,000.

If you wish to learn more or check our figures you can go
The fourth item down on the list is the report. It is a
PDF file.

Here in our little part of this river city we haven’t had
any big problems and the closest shots fired call was a
few blocks away. Not bad when you consider we live in what
many consider the “Inner City”.
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