Thinking about the moon

When I went out earlier to glance at the moon, if looked
as if it contained the face of a sad Abe Lincoln. Once the
camera was out and adjusted my perception changed. Through
the viewfinder it appeared to be a pensive chubby face.

1m 012

I didn’t want to bother the man in the moon with small
talk since he looked so deep in thought. But since the day
had cooled of a little with the setting sun I stayed out
to admire the stars and night time sky.

That got me wondering what people saw before zoom lenses
and telescopes. Did they imagine a man in the moon, or
just accept it being there as a sign from their Gods? And
I thought about what they would do during an eclipse
before it was common knowledge it was a natural occurrence.

And of course that got me wondering what people read for
pleasure before hot rod magazines. I know said magazines
put a smile on my face while I peruse them cover to cover.
Yet I’m talking a time before even the Old Farmer’s

A time before electricity, indoor plumbing, or root beer.
I’d think when anything out of the ordinary happened it
would be blamed on the Gods not being happy. All of the
above made me think of pizza. Pizza is round like the
moon when it’s full and taste like the Gods made it. At
times when I look heavenward the moon even looks like a
pepperoni pizza.

Now I’ll end this as I am hungry for a pizza. Enjoy your
Thursday tomorrow, it’s one day closer to the weekend.
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