Almost over

Yesterday is in the past and today is almost done. In my
escapades out in the heat, only one plane flew overhead
today and it was a little one.

m 013

After checking I found the moon would be 220,000 miles
away at exactly 7:05 central time so I managed to get a
picture of that. If you’re an astrology geek, the moon is
in its furthest orbit from us as mentioned. This will
happen again in October but the moon will be 44,000 miles
further away than it is now.

m 061

After sunset I got a picture that had me scratching my
head. Shown below it ended up fuzzy looking and the moon
had a purple outline on the bright side. But I liked it so
will share it also.


The Met Life blimp was back and we found out it was
circling our minor league ballpark. I took another shot
of the blimp close to the cross on the steeple. The church
is over 300 yards away and the blimp probably close to a


Now it’s time to unwind. We ate earlier because the wife
has tonight off, the critters are napping so they can make
racket all night, and I have a Snicker’s Ice Cream Bar with
my name on it before a possible late night pizza. Enjoy
the rest of your day, and take a glance at the moon if you
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