Ready to fix it

With the recent upturn in the number of planes flying
low over Casa Cruiser we need to do something. A friend
stated that the airport cancelled one flight which caused
a deviation in the flight paths that have the planes
buzzing our neighborhood.

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We can understand that to a point, but said airport is
across the Mississippi river and in another state. That
airport is roughly 15-20 miles away from us. Our airport
is about 10 miles from us in the other direction and isn’t
set up to handle larger planes. Why can’t they move the
flight paths into Illinois where the airport is located?

So I have come up a plan that involves learning air
traffic control, a study of ground crew movements, and a
visit to our local Farm & Fleet. What does a farm jobber
have to with any of the above you ask?

Simply put, after learning the basics mentioned above I
would purchase the proper gear to slightly alter the
flight paths over someone else’s house. A bright orange
vest, a hardhat, and a couple of flashlights should do the
trick. And if you think I have a dislike of aircraft, you
would be wrong. I’m only thinking of the wildlife.

That shouldn’t confuse you but if it does I’ll explain.
If the planes keep buzzing over us the wildlife will
panic and run away. When they run away, they will head for
the more rural areas. Farmers have enough to worry about
without an influx of wild critters.

My solution can only be a win/win situation. The planes
move ever so slightly off the flight path, the critters
stay here so I can take pictures of them, and the farmers
will thank us for the effort. Who knows, it may even work.
Comments are always welcome.

4 Responses to Ready to fix it

  1. Rifleman III says:

    The FAA has telephone line to record complaints. If flights occur over areas with enough complaints, the flight paths are moved. We had issues similar with flight patterns moved and all day and all night, until the residents and homeowners (tax paying voters), lit a fire under the local FAA office’s tailfeathers. Above my house on the water at that time, they made a helicopter holding pattern. The airport managers responded to the political complaints. Now, only every now and then, anything overhead. The WW2 AT6s, are noisy but welcome. The Blue Angels are too loud. The Islanders’ jet has to get them to NHL games.

  2. cruisin2 says:

    Rifleman III,
    thanks for the tip. That does sound easier than my original plan.

  3. QC Ghost says:

    Or….Hillary is spying on you…

  4. cruisin2 says:

    that could explain the strange buzzing noise I hear at night.

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