Magical day

Even though it is the Lord’s Day, things need to get
done. After breakfast the lawn still needed mowing so that
was first on the list. When I finished that a glance told
me I was not alone. Seems like a wasp was a butterfly’s


The butterfly just fidgeted all over while his little
buddy kept an eye on me. As I was watching them watching
me I heard a noise like two two-cycle engines in need of a
tune-up winding out. The strange part was it was coming
from above.

a 021

a 054

So as it was getting dark I looked towards the church and
noticed it was clouding up and I should probably call it a
day. A short time later the blimp came back and it looked
like it got close to cross atop the church.

b 003
b 017

I must admit these were a pleasant surprise. Never left
the yard, got a lot of work done, yet got to see, and
photograph, some great things. It’s true what they say,
there never is a dull moment here on the east coast of
Iowa. The work week begins anew tomorrow so enjoy the rest
of today.

I’ll end on that note as I really need a warm shower and
a hot pizza. Since we picked up a variety Friday I can
have my choice.
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3 Responses to Magical day

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  2. Mamabear says:

    Great pics and the balloon was a bonus! We used to see a lot of the balloons as we were in the flight path whenever there was an event going on and they made the day extra special.

  3. cruisin2 says:

    thanks for the reblog.

    must have been something going on. It ran back and forth along the river all day.

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