Along the river

Yesterday I managed to get some pictures of things that
are not in our neighborhood. The wife and I had lunch out
then went to a couple of my favorite spots to view the
mighty Mississippi. Later we’ll do another snicker, but
for now we’ll share some pictures.

r 009

r 017

r 022

r 033

r 038

r 042

The pictures start with a look at the river taxi cruising
by, looks toward Bettendorf, Iowa, a train passing through
the Village of East Davenport, a peek at Arsenal Island,
and ends with a look toward Rock Island, Illinois.
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2 Responses to Along the river

  1. Mamabear says:

    Been meaning to stop in and heap lots of praise on your photographic endeavors~loved the pics of the cardinal the other day~you’ve got all the critters tamed it would seem to sit while you take their pics LOL The pics of the river are great and my fave is the one with the train. No rails around here as they took them up a good many years back~I was always interested in the trains as a child and would run down the stairs from my grandparents so I could get a better look at them and wave to the guy in the caboose! I loved the sound of the whistle letting me know how close it was. The sound changed over the years when it went from coal to diesel. Thanks for sharing all your pics of the surrounding area where you live.

  2. cruisin2 says:

    thanks for the kind words. I just get lucky with the critters sometimes. I miss a lot too. I’ve always liked the river and the trains that pass close to it. I remembered a bluff close to one of our favorite restaurants, so we ate first then walked over to the bluff when we finished our meal. The view was a good as I thought.
    We’ll share pictures from time to time, but don’t want to bore everyone with too many.

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