Bursting my bubble

Before I begin my tale of woe here are a few things going
on around the east coast of Iowa this weekend. The British
Car Show will be on the levee in Le Claire, Iowa, complete
with d-jay playing British rock music. And the Bix Fest is
scattered throughout the area if you’re a fan.

My tale of woe? The other night after I woke the wife up
so she could get ready for work, she came downstairs and
I showed her this picture.


Then I related that earlier in the day I had witnessed a
Cardinal dance on the top rail of our fence for a good 50
feet. I told her said bird had more moves than Michael
Jackson and ended his dance on the railroad ties back by
the pine tree.

She replied that I should have gotten a video instead of
a few pictures. Duh! But how often does one run into a
bird who does the soft shoe over 50 feet of fence rail?
But that isn’t what deflated my balloon.

The wife looked me right in the and stuck the pin in my
happy balloon. “Maybe the fence was hot and the bird
was hopping”. Gasp! A natural assumption, yet this was one
of the life changing events that you had to be there.


I mean the bird was hopping on one foot in the rose bush
too. Said rose bush couldn’t be as hot as a metal fence!
Could it? So that is how my active imagination, and the
dancing cardinal from the east coast of Iowa, got shot
down. I hope my friend Bob, said dancing cardinal, isn’t

Now that my imagination genes have been ripped, I go in
search of pizza. Enjoy your weekend, the weather for ours
looks to be great.
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5 Responses to Bursting my bubble

  1. QC Ghost says:


  2. cruisin2 says:

    well I certainly wouldn’t call him Shirley.

  3. QC Ghost says:

    Did you realize that Bob spelled backwards is boB?

  4. cruisin2 says:

    lol. I never really thought about it..

  5. Ed Vest says:

    Well I sincerely enjoyed reading it. This tip offered by you is very practical for proper planning.

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