Nailed it

When I woke up this morning the only plan I had involved
going over to visit Dad and a quick trip to the Mall to
get the wife’s broken necklace chain replaced. And even
though we didn’t have anything to do, we got it all done.

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I had my chat with Dad, picked up the wife to go seek
satisfaction on the broken chain, walked a few miles
inside the Mall, then we headed home. But not all things
go according to plan.

The wife got her chain replaced, but I didn’t get to ride
the little train because the conductor was on break. We
were heading straight home yet ended up at a local Bar &
Grill. As the wife pointed out “I don’t care where we eat,
how about the Precinct?”

So we sat down, they had a fresh pot of coffee for me and
the wife had her tea. Since I’ve ordered several things off
the menu it was time to try something different. The Chicago
Style Italian Beef sandwich sounded good but I missed one
word in the description. Said description ended with
“topped with our homemade spicy giardiniera”.

I thought it was the version with bell peppers, celery,
carrots, cauliflower, and gherkins and I was wrong. After
consuming the sandwich I asked Todd how many different
kinds of pepper were in the garnish as I had guessed three.
Turns out there six different kinds of peppers and the few
I recognized were about in the middle of the heat range.

After a delicious lunch we did make it home. It is the
wife’s day off so later, when supper time rolled around, I
suggested pepperoni pizza. Yes, for the first time in a
long time, I had pizza before midnight. I sure hope that
doesn’t throw off my karma.

So remember, no matter how hard the task seems, you can get
through it if you just keep plugging along. I think there’s
a piece of pizza left so I’ll close here and pretend it’s
midnight. Enjoy the rest of the day.
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