Summer weekend

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Well the weekend is here and that means we are totally
blocked in the first part of the day so people can run the
Bix 7 road race. It only happens once a year and thousands
of runners enjoy the race so we don’t mind.

Yesterday a friend called while I was taking a break from
the yard work and asked if I wanted to go for coffee. So
after I had a shower we did go. But somewhere between
seeing if I wanted to go and stopping by the coffee changed
to ice cream. After a hot day doing yard work I had no

So we got our treats and went outside to bask in the sun
while we talked a bit. The ice cream was almost as cold as
the sun was hot so we came back to our place to sit in the
air conditioning. As we were finishing our treats I showed
him my camera and the big zoom lens I hadn’t used yet and
we chatted some more. Said lens has a metal body and weighs
in at over 4 pounds.

Today I got to play with the lens a bit and as soon as I
figure it out we’ll put some pictures up taken with it.
Camera time was cut short by a passing rain shower and not
being sure what effect rain would have on a metal lens I
came inside to wipe the lens dry.

It is summer, some days get hot, and Hilary is still so
full of bull her eyes ought to be brown. Enjoy your week
end before Monday sneaks up on us.
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