It’s a crazy country


I’m too pooped to pop and feel great about it. More got
done today than I thought possible and in another hour I
call it a day a lay the body horizontal.

And all the while I’ve been sweating something kept
reminding me about the travesty of calling the Democratic
National Convention the Democratic Convention. There is
nothing democratic about the Democrat Party.

Those of us who disagree with their agendas have been
called every name in the book and members of their own
party are thrown under the bus when it’s convienent. They
want our guns, they have almost gutted religious freedom,
while they demand we let our daughters and wives use public
rest rooms that may have men inside.

The truth will stand no matter how many lies are told to
counter it, you will not take our guns, and we will follow
our religions. Our children and spouses will be kept safe,
You would do well to remember the real reason the 2nd
Amendment was written and why is was the 2nd and not
10th or 12th.

The very name alone makes every person who attends this
current convention a hypocrite. You build a wall around the
outside perimeter of the event and another wall around the
podium while calling Trump racist for want to build a wall
along our souther borders. You claim voter I.D. is a racist
idea but require a photo I.D. to gain admission to your

I’ll stay here with folks who have common sense, do what
they say they will, and aren’t afraid to tell you what they
think. You can have your convention.
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    Rifleman III,
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