It seemed so real

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There are times when dreams carry over to our waking hours
and confuse us until the facts smack us in the face. At
least there is with me. Today was one of those times.

The waking up part is easy, it gets harder as I attempt
to rise and shine amid the cacophony of popping joints,
verbal protests, and sore muscles. I sound like the
breakfast cereal I ate as a child.

The wife was not prepared for me as I walked into the
kitchen and asked her if she picked up our robes at the
cleaners. She asked why we needed robes so I explained
that tomorrow we were going among the masses to preach
and sing in the choir.

That statement got her rolling her eyes before she stated
that I can’t preach and neither of us could sing. I just
couldn’t see the problem because once I get something in
my head I don’t give up. I admitted the plan needed work
as I would first have to learn not to cuss when I tripped
over one of her cats.

After a few cups of coffee things began to look a little
different so I decided to hold off a week to learn how to
preach and sing. No problem. And I know the problem has
nothing to do with my daily consumption of pizza shortly
before I go to bed.

I think I may start practicing on the cats because they
might need some help to rid of the devil inside them. I
can look in all directions, not see a cat, then take one
step and trip over one of the devious creatures. And in
hindsight, it may be easier to learn how to play a musical
instrument than learn to sing.

Enjoy the weekend. If it’s hot where you’re at, stay
hydrated. If it’s cool where you’re at, keep warm. And if
it’s really nice where you live, send us a location.
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