Almost had trouble in paradise

b 036

The weather here in our little corner of God’s rock
located on the east coast of Iowa, was chaotic. The rain
held off until later, but the sky was awash in color all
day. And while I was taking in the beauty above there was
mischief about.

Birds started making more noise than the little critters
should be able to and at first I thought a strange bird
got too close to a nest with babies in it. Turned out the
culprit can’t fly, doesn’t have feathers, and was a
handsome critter himself.

a 004

Mama bird kept a watch on the cat while making the most
aggravating noise. Yet the cat held his ground and was not
be intimidated. It turned into quite the stand off until
mama bird, with the help of others, had the cat running for
the nearest exit.
a 030

a 018

a 098

I didn’t see the cat the rest of the day, the birds
quieted down, and we got to take a few pictures,
Later I even managed to get a shot of the moon as it was
playing hide and seek in the thick clouds.

d 023

Woke up to thunderstorms this morning, but that is going
to go away to leave us another muggy summer day. It has
been such a great summer I wish I wasn’t retired so I
could take a vacation to enjoy it. Have a great day.
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2 Responses to Almost had trouble in paradise

  1. Grumpa Joe says:

    I had to laugh at this piece. You are aware that the first bird is a “Catbird.”

  2. cruisin2 says:

    Grumpa Joe,
    I didn’t realize that. I just know the bird like hedges and can get noisy. That is funny.

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