We are seeing some things change here in our river city on
the east coast of Iowa and it has been interesting to
watch. You know, those things that happen when politicians
don’t like things running smoothly and have to add some
differences to keep us confused.

One of said changes was to the city bus routes. Depending
on who you talk to the buses were either breaking even with
government subsidies or a money pit. All we know is every-
body we talked to that rode the buses liked the old routes
and hate the new.

A friend who lived nearby said he used to have to walk
three blocks to catch a bus, but since the changes has to
walk close to a mile to find a bus stop. City leaders call
it progress. We just wonder why they had to fix something
that wasn’t broke.

Another change is to the way we recycle. Today, for the
last time, I put the two recycle bins out to be dumped by
city. On our next recycle day, in two weeks, we will wheel
out a 95 gallon recycle cart instead. This change has Dad
wondering how a 91 year old man, who lives alone, can fill
a 95 gallon cart every two weeks.

Hell I’m 65, live with my wife, and we couldn’t fill a 95
gallon cart in a month let alone every two weeks. Of course
our city leaders saw fit to charge us whether we use it or
not. And the whole recycle program was pushed on us as an
affordable way to go green.

As someone born and raised here I have watched things go
from property taxes paying for garbage pick-up to the more
greener approach that we have to pay extra for even if we
don’t use it.

We’ll end there and go in search of the elusive deluxe
3 meat pizza that has printed directions in two languages.
It will be eaten in one language only. Enjoy your Tuesday.
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