The 2nd Amendment


Progressives, those who believe in political correctness,
and anti-gun people should stop reading here. We forewarn
you that this post contains facts concerning the 2nd
Amendment and the weapon technology of the day. Continue
reading at your own risk.

Those who say the second amendment was meant only for
muskets and not “assault” weapons know nothing about
Joseph Belton. Who is he you ask?

Mr. Belton was an inventor and gunsmith who lived in
Philadelphia and informed the Continental Congress in 1777
that he had invented a musket that could fire 16
Consecutive shots in 20 seconds. He claimed he could prove
said guns were accurate at 200 yards.

Congress then ordered 100 of his new guns but things got
hung up on “reasonable compensation” for his time. Mr.
Belton thought his time was worth a lot more than Congress
as his weapon would give an advantage to all who used it.

In 1777 Congress dropped the idea of buying these guns
because they thought the project too expensive. Congress
didn’t buy the gun, it was invented later in 1777, and the
Bill of Rights wasn’t ratified until 1791.

So the semi-automatic “assault” musket was invented a full
14 years before the 2nd amendment was ratified, and our
government pursued further development of Beltons’
technology. Can you imagine what it would have been like
if political correctness was alive and well in 1777?

Facts won’t change the rhetoric nor end the lies, but we’re
getting tired of the nonsense.
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