Amazing people

We recently heard of a former Marine who is beyond amazing
to us. With her helicopter shot down In Afghanistan in 2012
and enduring 38 surgeries since, including two amputations
on the same leg, Kirstie Ennis is now 25 years old! Shortly
before her first amputation she went on a 1,000 mile
charity walk in the Untied Kingdom with Prince Harry.

It was June 23,2012 when the crash occurred. She was
tethered by her gunner’s belt on the left side of the
chopper, which was hardest hit in this instance. She has
since suffered through facial reconstructions and surgeries
to her arm and leg.

Here is a video featuring this amazing young woman.

We wish her all the best.
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  2. Grumpa Joe says:

    Truly an amazing young woman.

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