Something missing

b 007

I woke up late and proceeded to go through the motions of
a regular day but while the lights were on, nobody was
home. I had to conclude that my mind went A.W.O.L. on me.
This has happened on occasion and usually doesn’t last

Knowing it was going to be a clear morning then storm in
the afternoon I went to the garage to grab some yard tools
and get some work done only to discover the keys were still
on the kitchen table. So going back into the house and
having a cup of coffee made me realize I forgot why I came
back in.

The rest of day has been like that having me functioning
but not near 100%. I thought of making some phone calls to
see if anyone knew where my brain went but didn’t because
I wouldn’t do well in a straightjacket. A short while ago
my brain returned slightly foggy with my tongue feeling
like I had ingested a quantity of salted in the shell

I was glad it returned. Then looking into the news blurbs
on various news sites I was wishing it would go away again.
Black Lives Matter are planning several “protests” this
weekend, Hilary’s lawyers are trying to get her out of
testifying at a civil hearing, a naked baby girl was found
by a 9-year-old in her backyard, and Arlington National
Cemetery has had to send PSAs telling people not to play
the Pokemon game amongst the tombstones.

c 007

But my mind is back, the storm went elsewhere and my
friend, the man in the moon made a appearance. He didn’t
have much to say, but he did come out for a short chat.
Enjoy the rest of the day.
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2 Responses to Something missing

  1. Mamabear says:

    No need to worry we all get brain fog from time to time and it’s not really age related just that our mind takes a short detour to ponder other things. Glad the storm missed you and I hope you ended up having a productive day. The news is so depressing right now isn’t it? In my news today they were talking about a toddler walking in his bare feet and his soles were burnt from the hot pavement and he was approaching a very busy highway. This Pokemon game is getting dangerous WTH were they thinking when they released it? And then the next two weeks are the respective Conventions~idk if I’m going to watch much of them. Bet most of the news is going to be on the outside with the protester’s. I just hope nobody in blue loses their lives trying to keep the ppl inside safe from the crazies on the outside. Have a good rest of the week.

  2. cruisin2 says:

    the foggy brain doesn’t really upset me but if I tell our doctor about it he gets all worked up because of the concussions I’ve had. The storm hit us with 70 mph wind gusts but we didn’t get any damage in our neighborhood, just a few branches blew down. The news is as crazy as segments of our society so I try to avoid it if possible. Who would have thought we’d have this mess 50 years ago? Have a great rest of the week yourself.

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