Did it storm?

I got up at 6 am as usual, made coffee, read the paper and
turned on the local news this morning. According to all news
accounts we had a storm last night with really high winds.
So high it blew down trees, removed litter from the alleys,
and broke a lot of branches off trees on top of the rain.

On the way over to Dad’s a Taco Bell had a blown over tree
blocking their drive-through lane and I saw several severed
branches lying about. Small broken branches were scattered
over Dad’s driveway and backyard so I picked them up before
going inside.

Figuring if anyone would know it would be the “Antique
Farmer” so I asked him how bad it got. He replied “don’t
know, I slept right through it”. Two of a kind I guess. Now
the sun is drying everything off before another storm hits
tonight and I’m sitting here smiling as I type this.

It’s still going to be a great day and while I’m sorry for
those who received damage from the storm it won’t rain on
my parade. When I returned home, and after straightening a
few things out that were blown over or blown in, I took
camera in hand and took some critter pics.

Regardless of what is going on in the world we live in if
you watch critters for a while you can’t help but smile. So
we’ll share a few pictures we took today and hope you like





Thanks for stopping by and have a great day. It is the
only Tuesday we’ll get this week.
Comments are always welcome.


4 Responses to Did it storm?

  1. cruisin2 says:

    thanks for the link. Hadn’t heard of this weed but have noticed I’m spending more time weeding than mowing.

  2. Mamabear says:

    I’m really enjoying seeing all the wildlife in your yard, esp the birds they’re beautiful and your photography skills have really come a long way from the first pic’s you took~WTG on a great job.

  3. cruisin2 says:

    thank you. I haven’t left the neighborhood with the camera too much as I’m still playing with it. One of these days I’ll head to one of our parks and see what pictures are waiting to be taken.

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