Been a while

b 025

I’ve been playing catch up all day and even if I stayed
up all night wouldn’t be where I thought I should be. It
has been like trying to swim through peanut butter while
combing your hair.

Sleeping in didn’t help, reading the comics in the paper
over coffee didn’t help, and even a good grilled sirloin
didn’t help. It was a day you wish could be done over, but
keeping the sirloin in the equation.

Plenty of fresh air, a short cruise, and copious amounts
of coffee did nothing to snap me out of it. Breakfast was
skipped, lunch never happened, but the steak helped later.
It has been a while since I’ve a day like this and back in
the day this condition was preceded by a lot of alcohol and
shouts of “hold my beer and watch this!”

Perhaps we need a day once in a blue moon when we couldn’t
find our butt with both hands but I sure hope this doesn’t
happen again anytime soon. On the bright side, I was told I
slept through a pretty severe storm last night so this may be
Gods way of saying I should have got up and checked the
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